Enhancing Sales Efficiency for a Global Chemical Supplier with Salesforce.



Increase in Sales Revenue.


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Increased in Customer Satisfaction Rating.

How Technorucs Boosted a Leading Chemical Distribution Company's Sales Performance and Mobility with Salesforce.

A leading chemical distributor based in Germany, with a global presence and a diverse portfolio of products and services. The sales team is responsible for managing complex customer relationships and delivering customized solutions across various industries and markets. 

The Challenge

Sales team relied on legacy systems and manual processes to manage their customer interactions and sales activities. This posed several problems, such as: 

Limited mobility.

The sales team had to use desktop computers or laptops to access customer information and sales data, which restricted their flexibility and mobility, especially while traveling or visiting customers.

Outdated data.

The sales team had to wait for data synchronization or manual updates to get the latest information on customer needs, preferences, orders, and feedback, which affected their responsiveness and accuracy.

Inefficient processes.

The sales team had to spend a lot of time and effort on administrative tasks, such as entering data, generating reports, and creating proposals, which reduced their productivity and focused on selling.

The Solution

Company recognized the potential of Salesforce as a powerful and flexible platform to enhance their sales processes and mobility. They have already implemented some customized solutions on Salesforce, such as: 

1. A product catalog that allowed the sales team to browse and select products based on customer requirements and availability.

2. A pricing engine that calculates the optimal prices for each product and customer segment, considering various factors, such as volume, discounts, and market conditions. 

3. A proposal generator that created professional and personalized proposals for each customer, based on the selected products and prices. 
However, Leading German Chemical Distributor wanted to leverage the full potential of Salesforce by integrating these solutions with the Salesforce mobile app, which would enable the sales team to access and use them on their smartphones or tablets, anytime and anywhere. 

To achieve this goal, distributor partnered with Technorucs, a trusted and experienced Salesforce partner, who had the technical expertise and industry knowledge to help with the integration project. 

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