Top Trends in Mobile Application Development 2022

Do you already have a Mobile App or Planning to build a brand new mobile app for modernizing your business? Dynamics have changed ever over the last few years. Here are the top iot trends mobile app trends in 2022 for you to implement to make your mobile app a success.

1. Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Mobile Apps

Artificial Intelligence integration is indeed topping up the list of top mobile app development trends as it offers radical perspectives and opportunities for any business. AI technology helps in accelerating back-end development processes, reviewing errors in an automated manner, and getting tasks completed automatically. By infusing AI, you can start infusing advanced functionality like image recognition, predictive text, facial identity recognition, secure and instant biometric verification and even emotion recognition into your mobile applications. These will help your users or customers reimagine the mobile app experience.

2. Extending Functionality with Internet of Things (IOT)

With more and more Mobile Apps extending their functionality in communicating or interacting with smarter devices at home or at office like TV, Fan, Lights, Air-Conditioners, Access control systems, Speakers etc. the users are getting a connected experience. The household device clutter is reduced and value of the technology is realized better. Explore the possibility of integrating your mobile application with other smart gadgets?

3. Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality helps businesses showcase their products and services in a completely reimagined manner through mobile applications. The shopping experience is radical as customers are able to visualize better about the fitment of the products they are buying and it helps reducing returns and exchanges. This Augmented Reality has also applications in multiple other use cases like e-learning, gaming, hospital, fmcg, real-estate, research, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.

4. Beacon Technology

Beacon technology had been largely used only in the Retail, healthcare and Logistics Industry. Now the adoption of Beacons is happening in multiple other use cases too. The data from Beacons are immensely valuable for the businesses to personalize customer experiences and even come up with newer products. When integrated with Mobile Applications, the end-customers can enjoy multiple benefits as it helps businesses to offer highly contextual offers and discounts in an experiential manner.

5. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is going beyond its initial application of cryptocurrencies. The very idea that Blockchain technology is more secure and doesn’t allow others to alter user databases to access sensitive information, it is getting adopted in to the world of Mobile Application Development. Other than digital payment & currency converters it is now used to track digital assets, protect digital identity, provide cloud storage solutions, etc.

6. 5G Connectivity

5G is the new-generation way of mobile communication technology that promises to improve connection’s latency, network bandwidth, efficiency, and density. 5G connectivity is already available in certain Nations and soon to be introduced globally. Already the Mobile Devices are compliant with 5G. It is better to start building mobile applications that are responsive to 5G technology so that such mobile apps can seamlessly include use of AR/VR, the Internet of Things, AI, machine learning, and neural networks.

7. Cloud computing

Cloud tech has developed so much over the years. Cloud storage and implementation of cloud tech are becoming economical as more service providers invest in cloud infrastructure. Cloud technology has become the backbone of mobile app development. Most mobile apps are built and integrated with one or the other cloud services either for storage or data exchange etc. Cloud tech has made web hosting cost-efficient and accessible to all.

8. Wearables

Most of us have started using one or the other smart Wearables devices such as smart jewellery, watches, or started display devices like Apple Glass as they offer a connected internet experience. Explore if your mobile application has any use case for integrating with wearable smart devices.

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