Client Management Mastery: Phazemos SharePoint Success Story.





Reduction in onboarding time.


Increased in Data Accessibility.


Reduction in Licensing cost.

Optimizing Client Management: Phazemos with Sharepoint Solutions.

Phazemos is a pioneering healthcare company committed to advancing medical research and improving patient outcomes through innovative drug development. With a focus on critical areas such as oncology, neurology, and rare diseases, Phazemos collaborates with leading research institutions and pharmaceutical companies to bring cutting-edge treatments to market. Committed to excellence and ethical conduct, Phazemos conducts rigorous clinical trials and analyzes data-driven insights to drive progress in healthcare.

The Challenge

Tackling Obstacles: Phazemos’ Struggle with Manual Onboarding, Data Security, and Scalability.

Manual Onboarding Processes

Phazemos relied on manual processes for onboarding external users, leading to delays and inefficiencies in access provisioning.

Data Security Concerns

Growing volumes of client data raised concerns about data security and compliance with regulations.

Licensing Costs

Traditional licensing models imposed a significant financial burden on Phazemos as they expanded their client base.

Inefficient Data Management

Disparate systems hindered data accessibility and analysis, impacting decision-making processes.

User Experience Concerns

Complex onboarding processes and inconsistent user interfaces contributed to dissatisfaction among clients and staff.

Scalability Challenges

Legacy systems struggled to cope with the increasing volume of data and user interactions, hindering scalability.

The Solution

Innovative Solutions: Transforming Phazemos with Invitation-Based Onboarding and Enhanced Data Security.

1. Invitation-Based Onboarding Process: TechnoRUCS proposed an invitation-based onboarding process to streamline user access for external clients. This eliminated the need for additional licenses and reduced administrative overhead.

2. Specialized Tabs and Data Categorization: TechnoRUCS implemented specialized tabs within Phazemos’ platform, categorizing data by disease type to enhance organization and accessibility.
Phazemos Solution-2
3. Automation and Customization: Automation was introduced for user profile-based allocation of tabs, sites, and access levels, improving operational efficiency and data security.

4. Enhanced Data Security Measures: Robust security measures, including advanced authentication protocols and access controls, ensured compliance with data protection regulations.
5. User Experience Enhancements: Intuitive interfaces and personalized dashboards were implemented to improve user satisfaction and drive engagement.

6. Scalable Architecture: Cloud-based infrastructure and scalable resources were utilized to accommodate Phazemos’ growth and evolving business needs seamlessly.

The Benefits

Efficient Onboarding

A 30% reduction in onboarding time accelerated collaborative efforts and enhanced overall efficiency.

Cost Savings

A 50% reduction in licensing costs enabled Phazemos to reallocate resources towards research and development efforts.

Enhanced Data Insights

A 40% increase in data accessibility helps researchers to make informed decisions and drive advancements in medical research.

Improved Operational Efficiency

A 35% increase in administrative efficiency allowed staff to focus on higher-value tasks, contributing to overall operational efficiency.


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